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Kara Eder Blakeslee , PA Real Estate Kara Eder, OWNER, REALTOR, NAPW

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My name is Kara Eder. I am a native of Greenwood acres and Blakeslee Pennsylvania for the past 46 years. My family has been in land development, subdivision, new construction, Home Décor & Decorating and building and property management since 1960. I was born into the business and I have absolutely enjoyed every single part of it and I look forward to start building again as we have over 35 ½ Acre lots in Greenwood Acres with Central Sewer to build on.

 My husband Rob Eder and I are owners of Pocono Properties Realty LLC, Pocono Property Management Group ( Which is our new construction, home addition and home-improvement company), Pocono referrals, and Mountain Rentals and RentalsinPoconos.com. Also Stickmen Charters www.wickedtunas.com

Along with myself being born into the business. My has my husband has also been born into the business in the engineering environment. He has had new home construction experience in Long Island since the age of 18 where he has brought his knowledge and experience of over 30 years in New York to the Poconos.

My husband and I are both owners and realtors Pocono Properties Realty LLC.  Whether you are looking to sell your home or buy a home our knowledge of construction can help you either way. Once purchasing the home we can help you with the interiors and exteriors. We call ourselves the one-stop shop.

After purchasing your home if it is purchased as a rental investment we will be more than happy to property manage your house and our rental website at www.rentalsinpoconos.com.  If you're not looking to purchase or saddle home and you're just looking to come rent in the Poconos please feel free to contact our website above. We have more than 135 properties for you to choose from in the Pocono area. Most of our properties are in the Albrightsville, Blakeslee, Lake Harmony, Pocono Lake and Pocono Pine area.

Please feel free to call me direct at 570-807-4451.  Looking forward to helping you with all your Real Estate & Home Needs, whether you are buying, selling, building, remodeling or renting.


William Sincavage Blakeslee , PA Real Estate William Sincavage, Broker of Record, Realtor

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Rob Eder Blakeslee , PA Real Estate Rob Eder, Owner~Realtor~Rental Specialist~Builder~Home Improvements~Property Management

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My name is Rob Eder and I am the Owner, Realtor and Builder along with my wife Kara Eder, Realtor, Builder, Decorator & Rental Investment Specialist of Pocono Properties Realty LLC, Pocono Property Management LLC and Pocono Properties Contracting LLC. 

Our office is located at 5626 Rte. 115 in Blakeslee.  We are right next to the car wash in the log homes.  We specialize in Land Sales, Land & Home Packages, Residential & Commercial Sales, Building & Home Improvements.  No job is too big for us.

We manage over 135 Rental Homes in Albrightsville, Blakeslee, long Pond, Pocono Lake, Pocono Pines, Whitehaven and surrounding areas.  We focus on developments in Arrowhead Lake, Blue Heron, Brier Crest Woods, Camelot Forest, Emerald Lakes, Fawn Ridge, Forest Glen, Greenwood Acres, Hickory Hills, Hide Out, Holiday Pocono, Indian Mountain Lakes, Forest Glen, Lake Naomi, Mid Lake Village, Pine Crest, Keswick Pointe, Lake Harmony Estates, Lake of the Pines, Lakeview Estates, Locust Lake Village, Mid Lake Village, Boulder Lake Village, Laurelwoods I, Laurelwoods II, Split Rock, Snow Ridge Village, Timer Trails, Towamensing Trails, Sierra View, Wagner’s Forest.  Our rental website is www.rentalsinpoconos.com

After purchasing your home if it is purchased as a rental investment we will be more than happy to property manage your house.  If you need work done to your purchase our home improvement company can assist.  As far as decorating, my wife Kara Eder completes this section of the home.  If looking to buy land or build a home, please contact me direct at 570-807-3684.

Looking forward to meeting you in the near future.  Please feel free to email me direct at Robert_eder@msn.com.


Jacqueline Albrecht Blakeslee , PA Real Estate Jacqueline Albrecht

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Antonette Williams Blakeslee , PA Real Estate Antonette Williams, REALTOR

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Specializing in vacation homes in Jack Frost Ski Area, Big Boulder Ski Area, Blue Heron, Mid Lake Village, Laurelwoods , Boulder Lake Village, Lake Harmony Estates, Lake Harmony, Split Rock and much more.


Resident from  Hazelton & Specializing in Primary Homes in Western Poconos & Hazleton Area.

Nicolette Bator Blakeslee , PA Real Estate Nicolette Bator, REALTOR

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